But if you’re struggling to find your festive spirit then let your iPhone be your guiding light with these super seasonal apps.

1. Appvent Calendar – free

If the first day of the advent calendar signals the start of the Christmas count down, and the end of the calendar chocolates, then this could be the app for you.

The Appvent Calendar gives you a different iPhone game to download every day during the run up to Christmas and is one of the few things that won’t cost you any money during December. 

But make sure you’re quick off the mark as each game is only free on the day that it is featured on the calendar.

2. Christmas Countdown – £0.69

If advent calendars don’t quite cut it and you like your Christmas countdown more up-to-the-minute then you’ll want to download the aptly named Christmas Countdown app.

This gives you a minute-by-minute countdown to December 25 and displays a Christmas tree or an image of Father Christmas that gets bigger and bigger as Christmas day gets closer.

And, to make it even more festive, it does all this to the sounds of your favourite Christmas songs.

If you love to build up the sense of anticipation as Christmas approaches then this is the perfect app for you. However, if the sight of a stopwatch counting down to the sounds of Shakin’ Stevens is enough to make you want to cancel Christmas, then you may be better giving this one a miss.

3. Better Christmas List – £0.69

This is an amazing app for anyone who has trouble keeping track of things over Christmas.

Simply enter a few details into your phone and the Better Christmas Link app will track how many shopping days are left, how many gifts you have bought, who you have bought them for and even how many you have left to wrap and send.

A very useful app if you need an organised elf to help your scatty Santa.

4. iFinger – free

Although it sounds like a bootleg Bond film, this is a really useful app if you are one of those people that ends up with a load of useless, odd-sized off cuts after you have finished wrapping presents.

In other words it’s a great app for any men that are planning on wrapping presents this year!

The iFinger takes the dimensions of the present you are wrapping, works out exactly how much wrapping paper you will need and then gives you a step-by-step guide on how to wrap the gift. And you can also use the phone to weigh down the folded corners as you reach for the sticky tape.

5. Santa Tracker - £0.69

This app is more than (yet another) Christmas countdown as it allows you to type a letter and send it to Santa, edit any responses you get back and also track his progress all year round, even when he’s holidaying in Benidorm during the summer.

However, the best feature of the Santa Tracker is that it allows you to set a custom bed time and then, using the GPS system to map your location, it shows Santa getting closer to your location as bed time approaches.

A great app for expectant children and a great tool for parents that struggle to get their kids to bed on Christmas Eve.

Please note: Any rates or deals mentioned in this article were available at the time of writing.