The Cost of Being the Ultimate Tech Fan in 2013

Approximately 35% of the world's population access the internet regularly

8 out of 10 UK homes own a next generation games console such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii

Apple's most successful iPhone - the 4s, sold in excess of 60 million units

70% of the UK has a high definition (HD) TV

In 2012 the 8th biggest Google search was iPad 3

... It's safe to say that tech is big business; in the last 20 years the demand for tech has spiralled to whole new levels.

TV's have got bigger and thinner; mobile phones have morphed into mini computers; books and CDs are on their way to becoming extinct; 'gaming' now means taking on strangers from the other side of the globe, and 3D lenses have changed colour from red and green - to black.

The consumer appetite for technology is fierce accounting for 22% of consumers' annual income - so providers battle to get the most advanced products on the market first. However, this tech doesn't come cheap - in 2013 we are predicted to each spend a staggering £4,197, so can your finances keep up?

So long as you can clear the balance, a credit card could be a good way of funding your tech purchases. You could even earn some cashback or rewards points to put towards the must-have gadgets coming in 2014.


The Cost of Being the Ultimate Tech Fan in 2013

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