The changing cost of Christmas

Unless you're one of the increasingly daring few, chances are you've bought all the Christmas gifts and food you're going to need by now.

You might have found your current accounts, savings accounts or credit cards have taken a beating over the past couple of weeks, but there is data to suggest that some elements of Christmas have actually gotten cheaper over the last decade.

However, rising food prices and duty on alcohol does mean that filling the Christmas dinner table is costing us more than ever.

If you actually haven't got your shopping sorted yet, you're in better company than you would have been in 2001, as more and more of us are leaving the Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve, it seems.

Here's an infographic illustrating the changing cost of Christmas since 2001. Do we spend more on Christmas now than we did 10 years ago? Do we eat and drink more during the festive season? Take a look at the infographic and decide for yourself.

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