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Life Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator that utilises the infrastructure of the EE network to keep its customers connected and this includes 3G internet and data services, with coverage to over 99% of the UK’s population.

Established since 2013, Life Mobile offers 30 day SIM only contracts and has so far sold over 100,000 contracts. SIM only deals can be used abroad, with prior notification, and Life Mobile customers are supported by a UK call centre.

Smart Cap Contracts give access to all of the services paid for without the risk of ever getting a bill that is larger than expected. Initially Life Mobile will set the cap at £5 over the amount of line rental paid, but customers need only to contact customer services to either raise or lower the cap. Should the cap be reached, then it is still possible to use any remaining allowance of calls, text messages or data.

Life Mobile customers are automatically advised when they reach 80% and then 100% of their bundle’s allowance. Customers are also advised when they reach their contract cap and if desired bolt ons can be added to give an extra allowance for continued services.

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