Pay As You Go Mobile Phones

Don’t want to be tied down to a long-term phone contract? If you’re a minimal user when it comes to calling, texting and browsing the web, then a pay as you go deal might just be the best solution for you.

What is pay as you go?

A pay as you go deal does exactly what it says on the tin. You simply ‘top up’ your phone with credit as and when you need it: no monthly bills and no complicated contracts.

This means you’re in total control of where your money goes, allowing you to count those precious pennies at the end of each month.

Advantages of pay as you go

Opting for a pay as you go deal as opposed to a pay monthly phone contract has many advantages.

For starters, it’s the ideal option for first time mobile phone users such as teenagers or the elderly. Rather than diving into a phone contract which could result in you paying too much for a package of minutes, texts and data that you don’t want or need, a pay as you go deal gives you the chance to get to grips with how you use your phone. If in time you decide you’re ready to upgrade to a phone contract, simply opt for a SIM only deal and you can hold onto your own handset whilst still keeping the payments low. 

In the same way, a pay as you go phone also allows you to cap your monthly spending, which is great for those who like to keep a keen eye on their bank balance. Unlike pay monthly contracts, a pay as you go deal won’t let you run over your allotted tariff. Once your credit’s gone, it’s gone!

Another advantage of a pay as you go phones includes the fact that they are flexible. So if you’re planning on going away for two weeks and leaving your phone behind, you don’t have to waste money by paying for a contract that you haven’t even used!

What phones can I get on Pay As You Go?

You might be won over with the idea of a pay as you go deal, but what mobile phones are on offer if you go down this route?

If you’re a technophobe you can always opt for an ultra-basic feature phone, which is simple to use, and above all, cheap to buy! Alternatively, if you want a slice of the pay as you go action without compromising on the handset, you can always pick up the latest iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia or Sony flagship to fit in with the crowds.

So select your perfect handset and get a pay as you go deal today!

Pay As You Go Mobile Phones