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Launched all the way back in 1993, Orange has become one of the major heavyweight mobile networks on the UK market through a mixture of quality service and smart marketing plans.

Seven years after its initial launch, Orange was bought by France Telecom in a deal worth approximately £32m. This turned Orange from a UK brand to a recognised mobile operator across Europe and has helped the network’s growth since the new millennium.

In 2009, Orange and another UK mobile network, T-Mobile, merged to create EE, which became the biggest 4G provider ahead of the likes of Three Mobile and Vodafone. Both Orange and T-Mobile kept their individual monikers, but began sharing network services to offer customers the best all-round coverage in the UK.

Alongside Vodafone, O2 and Three Mobile, Orange has become one of the most used mobile networks in the UK, working alongside T-Mobile. The Network currently possesses 25% of the UK market share, making it one of the most well-known brands across Great Britain.

Why Choose Orange?

Orange has made its name through some smart marketing techniques, coupled with great all-round service, drawing in over 17m UK customers.

Memorable slogans like ‘the future’s bright, the future’s Orange’ has made the company synonymous in the public eye as one of the most forward thinking networks on the market. This was proven by its joint venture, EE, becoming the best 4G provider in the UK.

Also, with deals including Orange Wednesdays, where Orange customers get two-for-one cinema tickets each Wednesday, Orange has become incredibly popular for movie goers as well as mobile enthusiasts.

Following the merger with T-Mobile, both networks now share coverage, meaning that Orange and T-Mobile arguably have the best UK mobile coverage service of any operator. This gives Orange a distinct advantage over the likes of Three Mobile and Vodafone, both of which have struggled in comparison.

Orange Mobile Deals

Here you can find all of our Orange mobile deals, covering everything from monthly contract deals, down to pay as you go handsets, all of which offer Orange’s great service and coverage. You can also sort the results in multiple ways, meaning that if you’re after a flagship Sony smartphone on the best Orange tariff, then you can find the phone you need as quickly as possible.

Similarly, if you already have a handset and need a SIM card to keep you going, our great selection of Orange SIM only plans should cater to your taste, offering minutes, text and data to suit any smartphone user.

We also host plenty of Orange deals that offer a number of free gifts, including cashback, free handsets and devices such as TVs, games consoles and other goodies.

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