Compare Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Deals

The Samsung Robotic Vacuum cleaner is the ideal home appliance for those that are short on time. This smart and innovative vacuum cleaner has an on board camera for capturing images of the area you want it to clean and then creates a virtual map. The Navibot then plans the most efficient route of the cleaning zone and goes off with its triple brush cleaning system that ensures maximum dirt pickup. Dust and pet hair is all efficiently collected and the Navibot can clean many surfaces from laminate floors to mid pile carpets. The Virtual Guard creates an infrared barrier so you can set out of bounds areas where you don't want the Navibot to go. After efficiently cleaning through the designated rooms the Navibot returns to its charging dock to re-charge. This great vacuum cleaner gives you more time to enjoy yourself and its yours free with these mobile phone offers.

Compare Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Mobile Phone Deals