Compare Jabra headphones and half price Samsung VR Deals

Get the fantastic Gear VR Goggles for half price and the Jabra Sport Pulse earphones as a free gift with these mobile phone deals. The Gear VR Goggles work with your Galaxy S7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to create stunning VR worlds that allow you to move around and explore within the game. The Super AMOLED display and head tracking technology take you around inside the gaming world so you feel like you are really in the game. The goggles have a touch pad for accurate control and your handset simply pops into the headset to get you into the gaming action. The Jabra Sport Pulse headphones are dust and water resistant so you can use them in all weathers and the in-ear heart rate monitor technology make this headphones ideal for use when training. The headphones are wireless so you can connect them to your smartphone with ease and they work with the Jabra Sport app to help you monitor your fitness goals.

Compare Jabra headphones and half price Samsung VR Mobile Phone Deals