Compare iPod touch 32GB Deals

Here is the Apple iPod Touch 32GB- the next generation in the MP3 player market, bringing together touch screen technology and portable video viewing as well as ample storage for all your MP3 music files, MP4s and photographs. The Touch measures a slim and pocketable 62 x 110 x 8mm, with an all-metal-and-glass design that feels as expensive as it looks.

The face of the iPod touch uses the same scratch-resistant glass found on the iPhone, which is just as well seeing as how one inadvertent gouge across the screen will ruin a portable video player.

The 3.5 inch screen itself is brilliant for viewing good quality photos, as well as viewing video podcasts, films and tv shows. The album artwork comes out brilliantly when playing music and looks stunning (as well as the wallpaper when unlocking the iPod on startup). It offers built-in Wi-fi with a range better than some laptops. The safari browser is very easy to use and, with the January software update (bought separately), you can save Web pages and clips to your homepages for easy viewing. There are revolutionary movements on the Touch, too, such as the pinch to zoom in and out again and the swish from side to side to view your photo galleries.

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