Compare Sony PS3 Super Slim 500GB Deals

The Sony Super Slim PS3 500GB is the next level in gaming with a stylish black casing that will complement any room in your home. This slimmer version sees the front loading disc tray changed to a top loading sliding disc which makes it 25% smaller than the previous PS3 slim. The huge 500GB hard drive lets you save your games progress for playing later as well as giving lots of space for new games to download from the PlayStation Network (membership required). Stunning graphics and thrilling action are delivered by the powerful games console and you can enjoy Blu-Ray's DVD's and music CD's with the console too. This fantastic games console includes a dual shock 3 controller and here you can compare mobile phone deals that include the Sony Super Slim PS3 500GB as a free gift.

Compare Sony PS3 Super Slim 500GB Mobile Phone Deals