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The Vodafone 533 in beautiful blue is a lightweight (90g), user friendly entry-level, slide mobile with a surprisingly wide range of features for such a small (98.5 x 46.2 x 14.7 mm) phone and a touch of fun about it. The 533, like others in the Vodafone stable, focuses on no-frills, budget functions in a stylish casing.

For instance, its 2-inch TFT display supports up to 256,000 colours with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels. The 1.3 mega pixel camera enables you to click pictures at 1280 x 1024 pixels resolution and capture basic videos. There is an MP3 music player and stereo FM radio with RDS: it automatically selects the strongest signal available for the station you want to listen to, so you don’t have to re-tune your radio as you drive around and it gives travel announcements and on-screen station information.

Manufactured by Sagem, the 533 is a tri-band phone, suitable for the international traveller, while for data sharing, Vodafone has included Bluetooth for short-range wireless data transfer between compatible devices (PCs, laptops, other mobiles). The internet is accessible – though with no EDGE or other faster technologies - via a WAP 2.0 and X-HTML (Openwave 7.2.7) browsers. The internal 8 MB memory is tiny, but a microSD card slot allows expansion up to 4 GB.

Battery life is rated at 2.5 hours’ talk time and 250 hours on standby from a full charge.





Weight: 90g
Battery time: 0 mAh
Bluetooth FM Radio

Built-in handsfree
FM Radio
Java compatible
MP3 Player
Multimedia Service MMS
Polyphonic ring tone
SMS - text messages
TV output