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Made from eco-friendly materials and featuring a solar panel on the rear casing for recharging the battery the Vodafone 247 offers basic features in a monoblock design that is kind to the environment.

The handset features vibrate alert for a more discreet call notification, predictive text input for easy message creation and a handy torch for finding your way at night. The 1.44 inch screen is bright and clear and the well-spaced alphanumeric keypad is easy to use.

The handset is tri-band for use internationally and the built-in speakerphone offers handsfree usage on longer calls. The simple menu system has ensured a longer battery life and with its impressive green features the Vodafone 247 offers a basic phone experience whilst being environmentally conscious.


Weight: 1g
Battery time: 0 mAh
FM Radio

FM Radio
Polyphonic ring tone
SMS - text messages
Solid Bar
T9 Predictive Text
Vibra alert