Compare Xperia Play white Deals

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play in white is the smart phone of choice for many serious fans of videogames because it is really the only model on the market that takes into account the needs of the modern gamer.

It runs the Android operating system, has a large four-inch touchscreen display and a powerful 1GHz processor, which all sound about right for a competitive smart phone. However, what makes it stand head and shoulders above its peers is the inclusion of slide-out gaming controls built into the lower half of the handset.

While people who own iPhones or Android handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will have to make do with touchscreen controls for their games, the Xperia Play in white will let your fingers do the talking via physical buttons. The screen will no longer be obscured because you are having to swipe and interact with the display to manage the on-screen action.

Another bonus which is found on a handful of Sony Ericsson handsets such as the Xperia Play is PlayStation certification. This grants you access to a bespoke digital download service independent of the standard Android Market on which you can find classic PlayStation games which can be enjoyed on your smart phone.

The Xperia Play in white is not simply limited to keeping your gaming senses active while you are out and about. As an Android smart phone it can also be used to send emails, browse the internet, stream video and stay in touch with friends through social networking and instant messaging. It is a multi-purpose handset for the modern technophile.


Weight: 175g
Battery time: 0 mAh
Bluetooth Video player

3G or UMTS
GPS navigation
Instant messaging
Motion sensor
MP3 Player
MP3 Ringtone
Multimedia Service MMS
Slide phone
SMS - text messages
Social Network Integration
Touch sensitive
Video calling
Video player
Video recorder
Visual radio
Voice Command
WAP 2.0