Compare S312 silver Deals

The Sony Ericsson S312 in striking silver is a solid performing mid range handset. It would make an ideal phone for someone upgrading from PAYG to contract and is suitable for the not-so-technically savvy user to get to grips with the joys of image capture and multimedia sharing.

Simple and compact (100 x 46 x 12.5mm), the S312 is a solid bar (or monoblock) phone weighing just 80g. The display is a scratch resistant 2-inch TFT screen of modest resolution (176 x 220 pixels) to show the results of the 2 megapixel still/video camera (with LED flash and PhotoFix): it quick launches with a press of the dedicated camera button - which is also the shutter button. The camera can be used horizontally, mimicking a standard digital camera; once captured, image can be uploaded online with the photo blogging application.

Internet itself is a slow-speed affair, relying on GPRS (no EDGE and certainly no 3G). It has a capable music player, with stereo widening and equaliser option, supporting all popular music file formats such as MP3 and Track ID is included. The handset has, just 15 Mbytes’ internal memory, but there is support for memory expansion via M2 memory cards up to 4GB. It also features an FM radio and short-range wireless data transfer via Bluetooth.
The S312 is stylish to look at and has no pretensions: it is a basic functional phone, but like all Sony products, immensely reliable.





Weight: 80g
Battery time: 0 mAh
Bluetooth FM Radio

Dual Band
EDGE for high speed data access
FM Radio
Java compatible
MP3 Player
MP3 Ringtone
Multimedia Service MMS
SMS - text messages
Solid Bar
T9 Predictive Text
WAP 2.0