Compare XP3 Enduro Black Deals

The Sonim XP3 Enduro in dramatic black is a “tuff” phone - designed for physically demanding environments that might well involve being bumped and dropped along the way. Heavy and solid, the Enduro seeks to be unequivocal in its function – no frills, no fashion except in its own military style - and easy to use. It has several certifications, such as not only being waterproof, but able to be left underwater for at least 30 minutes without problem.

Internet surfing is restricted to GPRS/EDGE speeds, but sufficient to check news, for example. The XP3 Enduro also has Bluetooth short-range wireless data transfer technology and supports a wireless headset or car kit. There is no camera but numerous potentially useful utilities for the kind of environments that an Enduro targets.

A light on the top side of the phone that can be activated it during a call by pressing the shortcut key; there is an audio recorder – including the ability to record calls (a feature not found on many mobile phones) - a stopwatch and a calculator.

Internet memory is limited to 10 Mbytes, but there is little to have to store on the phone anyway. Battery life is rated at a 5.5 hours’ talk time and a standby time of about five days – three days with regular use before the need to recharge. Scratchproof, waterproof, knock proof – this is the phone to have when the world ends (apparently) in 2012.


Weight: 140g
Battery time: 0 mAh

Ruggedised handset