Compare M8800 Pixon Pink Deals

The Samsung M8800 in precocious pink - also known as the “Pixon” - is a touchscreen phone with 3G video calling, a music player and FM radio, accelerated Web browsing, GPS and lots of memory: all in all, a well equipped all-rounder.

Stars of the show are an outstanding 8 megapixel camera and a 3.2-inch display covering most of the face of the phone, with ultra-high (240 x 400 pixels) resolution. The Pixon packs in many of camera-related gadgets: Smile Shot is said to ensure the camera takes a picture when your subject is smiling. There is face detection, autofocus, dual LED flash and Advanced Shake Reduction (though why not just hold the camera steady?). The video camera can record up to 120 fps and will play back in slow motion; a secondary front-facing camera is for video calls.

It plays music in all popular formats and has an FM radio with RDS. There is a healthy 200 Mbytes’ internal memory (around 50 MP3 tracks’ worth) and a microSD card slot up to 8 GB. An omission is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, but you could use a Bluetooth wireless headset. The Pixon offers GPS and, for Web browsing, HSDPA technology: an excellent Web platform for mobiles, though there is no Wi-fi: but what a beautiful device.

Battery life is rated up to seven hours’ talk time (GSM); four hours’ 3G and about 300 hours on standby from a full charge.


Weight: 121g
Battery time: 0 mAh
FM Radio

Built-in handsfree
Face detection
FM Radio
GPS navigation
Java compatible
MP3 Player
Multimedia Service MMS
Office applications
Touch sensitive
TV output
Video recorder