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The Samsung E1080 is at the budget end of the market and it has been designed for durability and usability rather than as a phone which features a host of top-of-the-range apps and internet access. It is a phone which is ideal for people who are working in industries such as construction or any other environment where dust, dirt and the risk of being dropped is a factor. It is often mentioned as an ideal phone to take away on camping trips, as it has an unusually long battery life and will take a reasonable amount of abuse before it ceases to function.

This ruggedness does come with some drawbacks, however. The phone doesn't feature a camera and only has a small amount of memory - just enough to store around 100 texts. This is reflected in the price tag. But the fact that it is virtually indestructible means this is a fantastic secondary phone for situations where you do not want to take your expensive smart phone into an environment in which it could get lost or damaged.

The phone really is designed to withstand the rigours of being out and about. The keypad is a one-piece rubberised mat which will stop any dirt or particles getting inside the device. Even the charging outlet features a sliding cover to protect it from the elements.

Other features include an SOS message alert, which will send an automatic message to a designated contact in case of emergency and Mobile Tracker, which will help you recover it if it's lost or stolen. These make this an ideal phone for teenagers as well as a great secondary phone for outdoor types.


Weight: 65g
Battery time: 0 mAh

EDGE for high speed data access
Polyphonic ring tone
SMS - text messages
Vibra alert
Voice memo