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The Samsung C3050 in black is an affordable slider phone which has a decent array of multimedia features considering the fact that it is designed to be oriented around the needs of a budget-conscious buyer.

This kind of phone is worth buying because it can remain on the market for a few years without becoming any less desirable, a little like a classic car. Its core functions are still solid and it will be a reliable companion for anyone who wants to make calls and send texts, so there is little to criticise given the nature of the Samsung C3050 in black.

From the outside, the C3050 looks stylish and slender, with the slider mechanism helping to hide the alphanumeric keypad so that you do not accidentally enter a number while it is in your bag or pocket.

There is a built-in VGA resolution camera on the rear of the handset which will let you shoot still images of an acceptable quality and you can share these with friends via MMS.

Other multimedia features include a built-in FM radio, which saves you having to load your own audio files on to the phone. There is a facility to play back popular digital tracks so you can harness the C3050 as your personal media player if you wish.

The basic operating system of the handset is simple enough to help you find your way around the features with ease. It is a good mobile for anyone who wants a model that has a few extra functions without quite being a full smart phone.


Weight: 86g
Battery time: 0 mAh
Bluetooth FM Radio Organiser

Built-in handsfree
EDGE for high speed data access
FM Radio
Memory expandable via MicroSD card
MP3 Player
MP3 Ringtone
Multimedia Service MMS
Polyphonic ring tone
SMS - text messages
T9 Predictive Text
Voice memo
WAP 2.0