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While many mobile owners may want to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest smart phone with acres of screen space and a multicore processor, not every handset is designed to cater to this market. The Nokia 1616 is at the opposite end of the spectrum from cutting-edge models but it achieves its modest set of goals with aplomb and will be a good choice as a main mobile or as a back-up phone.

The primary purpose of the design of the 1616 is to be as durable and robust as possible. The screen and covers are able to resist scratches, bumps and scrapes which might otherwise accumulate in large numbers on a less hardy handset. The keypad is resistant to dust and dirt, so you can use it in environments which might clog up other mobiles.

Aside from making calls and sending texts messages, the Nokia 1616 can also be used as a portable radio thanks to the built-in FM tuner. A number of pre-installed games will also help to keep you entertained when you are faced with a long journey.

As with many of the more basic mobile phones, the Nokia 1616 will keep you going for days at a time from a single charge of its battery. Because it does not have a powerful processor or large display sucking up energy all the time, it will almost never leave you stranded in the middle of the day with a dead battery. Overall, this is a tough, long-lasting model with plenty of enjoyable features.


Weight: 79g
Battery time: 0 mAh
FM Radio Organiser

3.5 mm Audio jack
Dual Band
FM Radio
MP3 Ringtone
SMS - text messages
Solid Bar
T9 Predictive Text
Vibra alert
Voice memo