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Nokia 1208 is a trendy, glossy handset armed with resiliency. Its robust and sturdy case feels featherlight weighing less than 80 grams The velvety keypad allows speed-steering and speed-dialling as well as easy accessibility to all the functions.. The CSTN screen exhibits more than 64,000 colours presenting a precise and visually attractive display. Radio frequency may be accessed dually over 900 and 1800. Over 30 vocal ringtones or MP3 grade are available to suit individuality. The handset gives 365 hours of reserve and 7 hours of live use. It also has all the basic functions such as calculator/converter, alarm clock, stopwatch etc.



Weight: 77g
Battery time: 0 mAh

Dual Band
SMS - text messages
Solid Bar
T9 Predictive Text