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They don’t come much cheerfully simpler and unpretentious as the Nokia 1202 – a monoblock, dual-band GSM phone with Nokia’s proven ergonomics representing  exceptional value as a first or spare handset. In fact, the 1202 could be seen as a retro gem, spurning the fancy dongles and do-littles – how many of us really need our mobile to work in faraway places, for example?

So here’s a monochrome – yes, how quaint is that? – 96 x 98 pixel, 1.3-inch screen, but perfectly suited to a handset that simply offers SMS texting and makes phone calls. The phone book takes up to 200 entries. It supports polyphonic ringtones: hey, if that’s a feature, then things must be seriously unfussy – and they are nice and loud. There is a flashlight, too, which is always handy.

Other bits and pieces include a calculator, caldendar, currency converter and a game – and, always useful, a speakerphone. While not officially “ruggedised”, it can cope in less than perfect conditions with a dust-resistant keypad and tough outer casing that is comfortably solid in the palm.  Battery life of the 1202 is amazing – 26 days on standby from a full charge.



Weight: 78g
Battery time: 0 mAh

Dual Band
SMS - text messages
Solid Bar
T9 Predictive Text