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The T-mobile Android G1 smartphone in striking white is an all-embracing Web experience with a touchscreen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard and trackball for easy access to full Web pages. It has a Google search bar built in and preloaded Amazon music store, for example, with high-speed internet connection for emails and browsing.

The G1, which competes with the Apple 3G iPhone and iPhone OS 2.1, has a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus on the back, alongside a high-volume speaker – sadly, no standard headphone jack, but HTC’s proprietary USB audio connector. There is a large rectangular bolus in the cable with a thumbnail for adjusting the volume, a button for controlling call and music behaviour and a built-in microphone.

Among the browsing options, T-Mobile has chosen to preinstall Amazon MP3 – an interface to the music store. Unlike the iTunes Store, the music is in a DRM-free MP3 format: you can just plug the phone into a computer and copy the files over to use with music players or jukebox software.

The G1 comes with a 1 Gbyte microSD card installed, which is meagre fare, but can be augmented up to 4 GB. Battery life was not rated to date but lasts about a day with heavy data use, including downloads and video playback from YouTube.


Weight: 158g
Battery time: 0 mAh

3G or UMTS
Built-in handsfree
Document viewer
EDGE for high speed data access
Full keyboard
GPS navigation
Instant messaging
Java compatible
Memory expandable via MicroSD card
MP3 Player
MP3 Ringtone
Multimedia Service MMS
SMS - text messages
T9 Predictive Text
Touch sensitive
Trackerball navigation
Voice memo