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Alcatel is known for making mobile handsets which put the emphasis on value for money rather than cash-consuming high-end features. The OT-209 certainly falls into this category and at one point it was cheaper than almost any other mobile on the market.

Despite its affordability, the OT-209 still has a few neat features, such as a colour display and an integrated flashlight. Many people may choose it as a back-up phone to use when their main handset is out of action for some reason. Others might see it as a suitable accompaniment when travelling if they do not want to risk taking their high-end phones with them. Of course, the OT-209 will still work well if it is to become your main mobile, but its low cost could make it a sensible precautionary purchase for any user.

Because it does little more than make calls and send texts, the OT-209 can remain on standby for over a week and allow you to chat for hours on end. Smart-phone owners will know that the more powerful handsets out there will use up battery life to the point that they cannot operate for longer than 24 hours without needing to be recharged, but the Alcatel OT-209 suffers no such issues - what you lose in functionality you gain in longevity.

That said, th OT-209 is not completely lacking in media features: You get a built-in FM radio and there is even a single earbud headphone included in the box to let you listen to your favourite stations. At this price point you could not really ask for much more.


Weight: 68g
Battery time: 0 mAh
FM Radio Organiser

Dual Band
FM Radio
Polyphonic ring tone
SMS - text messages
Solid Bar
Vibra alert
Visual radio