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Mobile Wi-Fi, also known as MiFi, is a new service from 3 which connects to 3’s network allowing you to create your own mobile Wi-Fi connection. You get a small device – the 3 MiFi – or wireless modem. This sends out a Wi-Fi signal so that you can connect a range of Wi-Fi enabled devices to the internet without the need for wires or a USB connection. No fixed-line is needed; you simply need coverage from 3 (the UK’s biggest 3G network) to connect.

You can connect multiple devices to the internet at the same time, so while you are checking e-mails on a netbook, you can also download a track from iTunes onto your iPod touch.

No need to install any software - just insert a 3 UK SIM, switch on the wireless modem and connect to the mobile internet using a Wi-Fi signal. A Wi-Fi enabled device will automatically pick up the signal and ask for an eight-digit network key which you will have to put in just once for every new device you want to connect.

The MiFi measures 86 x 46 x 10mm, weighs 99g and supports up to five hours’ “active use”.


Weight: 1g
Battery time: 0 mAh