Super Samsung Software Upgrade

Samsung. Samsung. Samsung. We love writing about them here, and for good reason – the firm is doing some amazing things such as flexible glass which is expected to be shown at CES 2013. But that’s not the only reason, their current, non-futuristic, handsets are flipping good too, and the Galaxy SIII is about to get an upgrade that will prove it.

The Premium Suite is as swanky as it sounds, bringing some of the excellent features that you find on the Note 2 to the S3, such as Multi-Window Views which allows you to use 2 apps at once in different windows. There will also be Facebook Lock Ticker to use the social network on your lock screen; Page Buddy which opens your music files the second you plug in headphones; Sound Balance that allows you to pick on set of audio over another (perfect for music buffs), and a handy little thing called Contextual Menu that arranges apps by most used.

That not all party people! There’s Paper Artist to make your bad-to-average photos look great; Best Face which uses five photos to create one image as close to perfect as possible, and finally, Easy Mode which helps first time touch screen or S3 users transition from buttons to smooth, smooth glass.
There’s 14 of these new feature arriving on UK S3s very soon, and I am very excited about this.

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