Siri taking language lessons

In news that probably won’t surprise anyone, it would seem that Apple has been giving Siri some language lessons.

According to a Mole, the hardware giant has been teaching Siri how to speak Russian, Chinese and Japanese, adding to the software’s current repertoire of English, French and German – it’s quickly becoming that person you meet at parties that you’re intensely jealous of because they’ve spent a year travelling and always seem to know everything – or maybe that’s just us…

Other languages are on the way as well, including Italian, Korean and Cantonese, meaning Siri will be far more multilingual by the end of this year.

It also seems that Russia, China and Japan will see their versions of Siri incorporating local search and maps, a feature that so far has only been present in the States – meaning that they will likely see this feature before us in the UK.

It’s no surprise that Apple are pushing their handsets in the Asian markets – there are bucketfuls of money to be made in the region, and it is an area that Apple haven’t really made much headway in yet.

Apple need to be careful, however; they have been forced to withdraw their phones from physical shops in China, and as such have had to implement a system of reserving the devices in order to stop scalpers buying the devices and then selling them on for huge profits.

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