Nokia release a major OS update

It looks like Symbian may finally be dead.

Anyone using one of Nokia’s smartphones that runs the infamous operating system will find Nokia offering something a little bit different today.

It’s called Belle, and it seems that it may represent Nokia’s swansong when it comes to proprietary operating systems (they have recently cancelled all but one of their upcoming Symbian based handsets), especially with their new dalliance with Windows Mobile.

So, is Belle a beauty or a beast?

Well, Nokia posted a video which shows off the new system tonight, and it all looks rather lovely:

You get six home screens for all your shortcuts, apps and services – and this space also allows larger widgets to be docked to it.

Other updates include the ability to record in high definition at upto 30 frames per second, as well as a browser designed with visual improvements in mind, as well as allowing the viewing of online videos via flash (something that the iPhone still doesn’t do, because of a… disagreement, if you will, between Apple and Adobe).

You also get a notification bar, like you’d find on Android handsets, for accessing features and settings.

The main question is this though: is this too little too late for Nokia?

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