MWC Roundup: Day 3

Day three of MWC has come and gone – so who (or indeed what) has been making the biggest noise today?

  • As Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt took the stage, journalists around the world were invited to attend the launch of Apple’s iPad 3. Coincidence? We think not. Apple aren’t even at MWC, and somehow they’ve found a way of stealing the show.
  • Schmidt announced that Android is now absolutely flying – 300 million active devices, a billion app downloads a month, and 850,000 extra phones being added to the family every day.
  • Schmidt also announced that Android phones are getting cheaper (although shoppers at the top end of their product lines might disagree) – the man from Google suggested that many of the manufacturers in their stable are working on phones in the $100-150 price range, with the fial target being phones that cost $70, which could be sold for as little as $20-30 after operator subsidies – Google obviously going for a wide range of devices over Apple’s obsession with top tier (both in terms of tech and price) releases.

Phones at this price plan could be of concern to Nokia – whilst they are currently a dominant player in many emerging markets, Android based phones at that price plan could well be huge. Rovio, for example, have already racked up over 800 million downloads on Android devices for Angry Birds – I’m sure they’d lap up the opportunity for another 800 million.

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