JCB Releasing Hard as Nails Smartphone

If you’re a builder who absolutely has to have an Android handset to hand whilst you’re on-site (and you could be, for all we know), then JCB might well have the device for you.

They’re teaming up with Motorola to create the Defy+, a dust-proof, water-proof and just-about-anything-else proof handset that should be perfect for anyone who needs their phones to be a little more hard wearing. It’s wrapped in a ‘visco-protective’ plastic sleeve and has a slab of gorilla glass in front of the screen – ideal for getting rattled about in the back of your van.

The phone itself is shipping with a 1GHz processor that has been tweaked to run 25% faster (according to Motorola, at least), as well as 2GB of internal storage that’s expandable via the usual SD card options. Motorola say that whilst the phone is technically running an old version of Android (2.3), it’s still a capable device, and they’re probably right – My Desire HD runs on a similar processor and it still stands up as a performer today, even if it is a year old.

So what else do you get for your £260? Well, a 5MP camera with all the usual zoom, flash and auto focus gubbins should allow you to take snaps whilst you’re out and about, and the phone comes presupplied with spirit level, theodolite, decibel meter, torch, unit converter, calculator and DIY store locater apps that certainly speak to the people it’s designed for.

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