iPhone 5 rumoured to be Unibody, Released in October

That’s the word on the street, at least.

Well, we say “street”; these rumours actually come from Foxconn, the company Apple use to actually manufacture their devices. Now, we admit that this same factory was the source of last week’s rumour that the device would be released in June, but part of the fun of waiting for a new piece of Apple hardware is speculating about it, so we’ve taken the liberty of doing so.

True enough, this rumour is based on third/forth hand information and should be taken with several enormous grains of salt, but the long and the short of it is that Apple seem to have made an extremely large order from Foxconn, and they are looking for staff to fulfil this order.

Further to this, it’s been reported that Brian White, a market analyst, suggested that on his recent trip to China he was told that the new iPhone would begin production in June for an October launch, so make of all that what you will.

White has also said that he believes the new device will feature a 4 inch screen and a new look that will require a unibody case (meaning the entire case will be one single piece of aluminium, which means lord help you should you ever drop it).

Of course, the likelihood is that we won’t know for certain until Apple choose to actually tell us, but the Cupertino rumour mill is always an exciting place…

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