HTC Latest to fall foul to patent bans

This is starting to really get silly now.

HTC, the Taiwanese Android behemoth, has been served a banning order in Germany, meaning that they are not allowed to sell their devices as they use what IPCom (A German patenting firm) claim is patented 3G technology.

However, the firm remains defiant, claiming this ban will have no effect on their sales over Christmas. They have announced that the ban only affects one device (which is no longer on sale in Germany anyway), and they have modified their use of UMTS standards which means that even if this ban is upheld, then the company will not be affected.

IPCom, however, disagree. They say that they have written to HTC regarding stopping sales of all of their phones, and if the company continue to sell in Germany they will take further steps.

The firm was reported as saying “If HTC fails to comply, and continues to sell UMTS-capable devices, IPCom will initiate a so-called ‘Zwangsgeldverfahren’ under German law, which will result in fines being levied until it complies”; now, we don’t know what a Zwangsgeldverfahren is, but it’s almost certainly not a good thing.

What happens in this case should be interesting; IPCom are refuting every single thing that HTC claim, which in itself is a complete reversal of IPCom’s initial announcement. Who’s right? We’re not sure, but it seems that the technology patent wars aren’t just Apple and Samsung’s game…

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