Demand For iPhones Starting to Sink?

Demand for Apple’s biggest, fattest cash cow, the iPhone is starting to decrease, according to two supply chains sources.

Apple’s orders for iPhone 5 touch panels from Sharp, LG Display and Japan Display for the first quarter of this year have been cut in half, according to Japanese news resource Nikkei. Apparently multiple sources have repeated this claim to the Wall Street Journal – and the root cause seems to be nothing other than demand for the iPhone 5 being lower than expected.

Apple initially ordered 65 million iPhone touchscreens for the first three months of 2013, but have been forced to slash orders for them and other components as well. This basically means that Apple are now buying around 10.8 million screens a month as opposed to 21.6, and that not only suggests a drop in demand, but also a drop in sales compared to last year.

Of course, these figures still suggest that Apple are shipping millions of iPhones every month, and in the US they still hold the top spot in terms of market share – although 2012 did see Android take spot int he UK and other territories.

Of course, it is also possible that the iPhone has lost some sales to the iPad and it’s mini cousin – with a product range as closely related as Apple has, they could be spreading the iOS net even wider…

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