Chinese Android Fakers Caught Selling Apple Hardware

As you may remember, China has recently taken top spot for iPhone activations but now it seems to be becoming pretty well known as the smart phone knock-off centre of the world. It’s conquered washing machines, handbags, perfumes, and probably some products I’d rather not know about, but has now turned to more challenging endeavours.

It seems that somewhere in little ol’ Zuhai City a store, bearing the iconic Android robot and the snappy title “Celebrities Smartphone Experience Storeā€ has been selling iPhones.

Of course, this may come as little surprise to some or even most of you, but the question I pose to you ‘Celebrities Smartphone Experience Store’ is, do you not know the war raging between Apple and Android? Do you not fear that there are those who would condone you for bringing together fruit and machine? Alas, this is not a 21st Century technology Romeo and Juliet. Apple and Android haven’t taken up together and run off to China – we are talking fakes, after all.

What ‘Celebrities Smartphone Experience Store’ should be worrying about more than forbidden smart phone love, is the crippling lawsuits that may be very shortly on their way. But I’m sure for every unauthorised Apple-Android hybrid shop that is brutally closed, another shall arise in the reliably dodgy People’s Republic.

The only question left to ask is who will get their lawyers suit, booted, and on a bus to the Guangdong province first? Considering Apple’s already battling with Proview over the iPad name I’d say they’ve got a pretty good head-start.

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