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What is data usage?


What is data usage?  When you clicked the link that brought you to this page, your computer, tablet or phone will have downloaded somewhere between 500 Kilobytes and one Megabyte’s worth of data – data which makes up all the … Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Handset


It’s nice to get a shiny new phone, but choosing one can be tricky. There are so many choices to make: iOS or Android? What about Windows? Big, clear screen, or pocket-friendly size? Touchscreen or buttons? The list goes on… … Continue reading

How to Speed up your Smart Phone

01 - Hardware

The frustration of a slow computer has plagued some desktop users for years, but the problem has now found its way into the pockets and handbags of smartphone users too. Smartphones are, after all, miniature computers. Over time, or under … Continue reading

What is Windows Phone?


Since PCs started gaining popularity in the 1980s, Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS) has become a household name. Windows has come a long way over the last 30 years or so, finding its way onto tablets and mobile phones along … Continue reading

What type of SIM card do I have?


A mobile phone cannot be used without a SIM card. Different handsets use different-sized SIM cards, and so it’s best to know which type you have, particularly if you’re thinking of buying a new handset. Read on as we describe … Continue reading

Our Top 10 Cheap Smartphones


High-end smartphones have always been expensive, typically costing anywhere between £400 and £700. Recently, however, a new generation of high-spec, low-cost handsets have found their way onto the market. Here’s a look at the most feature-packed phones you can buy … Continue reading

Windows Beating Apple in China?

apple and microsoft

Microsoft has announced that it’s beating the fruity phone maker in sales by a whopping one percent in the biggest mobile phone market on the planet. Continue reading

Windows Phone Now Outselling Symbian


Nokia’s Symbian OS has long been considered the odd one out in the mobile operating system family – and now the manufacturer themselves now seems to be favouring other products over their own. Continue reading

Windows Mobile Loses out to Bada


Y’know, it must be very difficult being Microsoft. When it comes to home PCs or gaming they’re big dogs, slathering over huge chunks of meaty market share and nipping at the heels of competitors. In the mobile market, however, they’re … Continue reading

Nokia’s New Windows Mobile Phones Rear Their Heads


It’s hardly been a well kept secret, but Nokia have today announced their first batch of Windows phones will be released this week – and they look quite pretty too, even if they aren’t going to bother the Nexus Prime … Continue reading