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RIM Return With Blackberry Z10

RIM are making a comeback this year with a brand new device. Continue reading


Mozilla Reveal Mobile Handsets

Mozilla are launching their own brand of mobiles soon – here’s our first thoughts. Continue reading


Zombie Patents Cause Havoc Again

A Delaware company is filing a lawsuit against some of the biggest names in Mobiles. Continue reading


Samsung Won’t Be Banned in the USA

After the biggest court battle in smartphone/tablet history it appears that Samsung now has a little glimmer of hope. Read on to find out more… Continue reading

Apple lead counsel McElhinney speaks in front of U.S. District Judge Koh, as Samsung attorneys Quinn,  Verhoeven and Apple attorney Jacobs look on during court proceedings in San Jose

Accidental Ads For Many Google Users

Google has recently admitted that a lot of its mobile advertisement click-through is all down to “fat fingers” on phones. Continue reading


Apple’s Yearly Profits Will Blow Your Mind

Apple’s doing well. Very well. So don’t read this post if you don’t like big numbers. Continue reading

ChartOfTheDay_735_Apple_s_Astonishing_Profit_in_Context_n (1)

Mobile Networks To Become Disaster Proof

America’s mobile phone networks are going to become a whole lot safer. Continue reading

Moble Disaster Recovery Center (MDRC)

More Ads Coming to Facebook Soon!

Zuckerberg announces plans to bring more adverts to Facebook mobile apps. Continue reading


Infographic: Mobile Phones in the Movies

We take a look at mobile phone’s history in the cinema. Continue reading


EE Announces 4G Prices

EE has released it’s price bands for 4G in the UK. Can you afford it? Continue reading


PlaystationMobile Goes Live

Sony’s Playstation store is now up and running and open to the public! Continue reading