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Sony Yuga Picture Leaked

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Apple Accused of Ripping Off Sony…

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Budget Smartphone: Sony Xperia Miro

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Review: Sony Xperia S

Sony are making their first baby steps out into the world of mobile hardware on their own – but what is the device like? We spent some time with one in an attempt to find out. Continue reading


Nokia and Sony Are Still On Top in Asia

Despite it being a rough couple of years for Sony and Nokia, work on the most recent Brand Asia report reveals that they’ve still got ‘Brand Power’. Continue reading


MWC Roundup: Day 1

As we’ve mentioned a couple of times previously, the MWC (Mobile World Congress) is currently going on in Barcelona. MWC is a huge deal for manufacturers and consumers alike, with some great new devices being announced and as-yet unreleased handsets … Continue reading