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Blackberry OS10 Screenshots Leak

OS10 is coming – and screenshots have been found online. Continue reading


Blackberry Aristo Specs Leaked

Love Blackberry? We’ve got exciting rumours about the Aristo. Read on to find out more… Continue reading


RIM Discontinuing 16GB PlayBook

RIM are suffering, and the latest casualty is their entry level tablet. Continue reading

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RIM to Cut Jobs?

Are RIM set to make staff redundant this year? Continue reading


Rumours of RIMs Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The makers of the Blackberry insist they are sticking around. They’re just “refocusing” their efforts… Continue reading


Blackberry undergoing OS Revolution

Talkin’ bout a revolution. That’s what RIM are doing, at least. Seems that in a move similar to Nokia (who switched from Meego Linux and Symbian to Windows phones), RIM have decided that Blackberry 10 (the operating system that RIM’s … Continue reading


Android Users Put Out More Than Others

Yes, you read that right. Turns out, if you’re an Android user, you’re of far looser morals than those ethical Apple users (who only yesterday demanded a more ethically built handset, don’t forget), according to research done by This … Continue reading


RIM Topped Smartphone Chart in December

Wait… Now we’re confused. Over the last week or so, we’ve been reporting on the financial results of various mobile phone companies, and every time we’ve shown you a graph of the smartphone Market split by sales, RIM were lagging … Continue reading


RIM Execs Quit in Huge Shakeup

Research in Motion, the old kings of the smartphone, have announced a huge shakeup today that has seen both of their CEOs stepping down from the role and replaced with a single man. In news that looks worryingly like RIM … Continue reading


iPhone 4S Begins The Fight Back

The iPhone 4S is leading Apple’s fight to become the number one mobile operating system again – and they’re taking chunks directly out of Android too. That’s the finding of a recent piece of research done by Nielsen, the US … Continue reading


iOS Tablets Favoured by Android and Blackberry Fans

Here’s an interesting little piece of trivia for a Friday afternoon: Both Android and Blackberry users would quite like an iPad if they had a choice of all the tablets currently available. That’s according to a set of questions posed … Continue reading