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O2 To Find Replacement Server After Downtime

O2 have apologised for last week’s downtime, but this time they’re definitely doing something about it… Continue reading


O2 to Sell Location Information of Customers

O2′s parent company put stockpiled customer location information to use. Read on to find out more… Continue reading


O2 and Vodafone Allowed To Cosy Up

O2 and Vodafone have been allowed to join forces by the OFT. Continue reading


O2 to Blame for Bad Olympic Cycling Coverage?

A surge in tweets on O2′s network caused problems for Olympic coverage. Wait, what? How?! Continue reading


O2 To Refund Customers for Outage

If you were hit by O2′s recent outage, you can expect consolation. Continue reading


O2 Outage Blamed on Ericsson

On O2? Still angry about the outage? Read on. Continue reading


Ericsson to Blame for O2 Outage?

We reveal why the O2 network was so poorly for 21 hours. Continue reading


O2 Network Outage Outrage

From about lunchtime today parts of the O2 network have mysteriously messed up. Read on to find out why the Dickens that happened. Continue reading


Olympic Galaxy S3 To Be Given to Athletes

Samsung are really pushing the boat out with their latest venture: A special Olympic version of the Galaxy S3 Continue reading


Vodafone and O2 To Become One

O2 and Vodafone are going to start sharing hardware across the UK – but why? Continue reading


O2 Launch “Wallet”

O2 is having another crack at mobile funds, much like O2 money from a few years ago. Will this one succeed or is it doomed to fail once more? Continue reading