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What is data usage?


What is data usage?  When you clicked the link that brought you to this page, your computer, tablet or phone will have downloaded somewhere between 500 Kilobytes and one Megabyte’s worth of data – data which makes up all the … Continue reading

Pay as you go vs. pay monthly


Would you rather get a free phone and spread the cost over 12 or 24 months, or pay for your phone upfront and rest assured you won’t run up huge bills? On the face of it, that’s the difference between … Continue reading

What type of SIM card do I have?


A mobile phone cannot be used without a SIM card. Different handsets use different-sized SIM cards, and so it’s best to know which type you have, particularly if you’re thinking of buying a new handset. Read on as we describe … Continue reading

Tips for Choosing a Mobile Network


Choosing a handset is the fun part of getting a new phone, but choosing a network is far duller. That said, it’s easily as important as your choice of hardware, so you need to give it some careful consideration. Here … Continue reading

O2 To Find Replacement Server After Downtime


O2 have apologised for last week’s downtime, but this time they’re definitely doing something about it… Continue reading

O2 to Sell Location Information of Customers


O2’s parent company put stockpiled customer location information to use. Read on to find out more… Continue reading

O2 and Vodafone Allowed To Cosy Up


O2 and Vodafone have been allowed to join forces by the OFT. Continue reading

O2 to Blame for Bad Olympic Cycling Coverage?


A surge in tweets on O2’s network caused problems for Olympic coverage. Wait, what? How?! Continue reading

O2 To Refund Customers for Outage


If you were hit by O2’s recent outage, you can expect consolation. Continue reading

O2 Outage Blamed on Ericsson


On O2? Still angry about the outage? Read on. Continue reading

Ericsson to Blame for O2 Outage?


We reveal why the O2 network was so poorly for 21 hours. Continue reading