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Motorola Announce Jellybean Friendly Devices

Motorola are continuing to push the Razr line further, with three new handsets. Continue reading


Motorola to launch RAZR HD

Motorola are having another crack at the smartphone market with their newest Razr handset – we think. Continue reading


Motorola Razr Hands-on

Remember yesterday, we told you all about the brand new addition to Motorola’s phone line-up – and how excited we were about it? Well, the Register got some hands-on time with the phone recently, and we’ve got to say, it … Continue reading


New phone info for Motorola, Samsung

Remember the Motorola Razr? It was that ultra thin, fancy-pants phone that everyone and their dog had about five years ago. They were a present of the year one Christmas, and absolutely everybody was amazed by how thin they were … Continue reading