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Huawei Create CEO Merry-Go-Round


Huawei are trying something a little bit different to counteract a wobbly financial year – it would seem that in their case, more is definitely more… Continue reading

Huawei rumoured to be buying Motorola


Are Huawei looking to purchase Motorola from Google? Well, they’re staying schtum for now, but we look into the rumours that have led many to believe they might be. Continue reading

MWC Roundup: Day 1


As we’ve mentioned a couple of times previously, the MWC (Mobile World Congress) is currently going on in Barcelona. MWC is a huge deal for manufacturers and consumers alike, with some great new devices being announced and as-yet unreleased handsets … Continue reading

Apple Tops Q4 Sales Chart


Consumers found more Apple smartphones in their hands than any other smartphone manufacturer in the last three months of three months, according to market watchdog Gartner. This is hardly surprising news: Whilst Android is currently the biggest name in the … Continue reading

Huawei Reveal Sexy New Device


You might remember that some time ago we told you about Huawei, the smartphone manufacturer known for its cheap-but-actually-quite-good range of smartphones, and how they were preparing something rather special. Well, by the seems of things, this is what they … Continue reading

Huawei to release its smartest phone yet next year


You might not have heard of Huawei, the Chinese phone manufacturer who have been quietly developing themselves quite a following over the last few years – but that could be about to change. You see, the company have developed a … Continue reading