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iPhone Users Most Satisfied Of All

JD Power has done another survey to find out just which phone makes people happiest, and it looks like the iPhone has come out on top. This might not surprise you, but is it merely a case of the Apple cult’s power? Continue reading


Siri taking language lessons

In news that probably won’t surprise anyone, it would seem that Apple has been giving Siri some language lessons. According to a Mole, the hardware giant has been teaching Siri how to speak Russian, Chinese and Japanese, adding to the … Continue reading


iPhone 4 Will Never Run Siri

You read that right – You’ll never see Siri working on an iPhone 4. Now, before you get angry at Apple for such naked profiteering, slow down a second. Apparently, the reason for this is because the iPhone 4′s chip … Continue reading


Our Top Ten Money Saving iPhone Apps – Part 2

Welcome back to our rundown of money saving apps here at – our New Year guide to helping you clear the winter financial blues! We looked at apps 10 through 6 yesterday, read on for the top 5… 5:Fuel … Continue reading


Our Top Ten Money Saving iPhone Apps – Part 1

With the New Year rolling around, many of us are probably looking to save a little cash after Christmas – maybe paying off those Credit Cards, clearing the overdraft, or similar? Well, here at, we’ve come up with ten … Continue reading


Apple’s Cloud Music Service Goes Live

iTunes Match has floated into existence today – in the States at least, where it seems that they are permanently at least three weeks in the future. The system is quite a simple one: basically, you can upload your music … Continue reading


Apple Patents Non-Removable SIM

It seems that Apple aren’t happy with the mobile phone market currently works. The Cupertino based behemoth has today been awarded a patent that means that they legally own the idea of selling mobile phones with a SIM card built … Continue reading


Pay by Mobile Becoming A Reality

It’s not just phones we’re interested in here at MoneySupermarket; we also keep a keen eye on the newest apps and services to be released for our beloved phones – and we think that with the arrival of Simply Tap, … Continue reading


Apple still ironing out bugs in iOS5

Smartphones aren’t exactly renowned for their marathon battery lives, but some users of Apple’s iphone have been reporting that battery life has been even lower since they upgraded to iOS5 – and it would seem that Apple have had to … Continue reading


Android outselling iPhone 2 to 1

In a piece of news that’s sure to come as a huge blow to Apple in the Smartphone wars that continue to rage, a survey released today reports that, in the UK at least, Android is outselling the iPhone at … Continue reading


Apple Sell 4m iPhones on Launch

An awful lot of people said that the iPhone 4S was a bit of a disappointment. “Where’s our iPhone 5?”, they cried, despite the fact that most people would have heralded the arrival of the 4S as the second coming … Continue reading