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What is data usage?


What is data usage?  When you clicked the link that brought you to this page, your computer, tablet or phone will have downloaded somewhere between 500 Kilobytes and one Megabyte’s worth of data – data which makes up all the … Continue reading

What is Android?


When we talk about ‘Android’, or ‘Android phones’, we’re not talking about lifelike robots from science fiction, or even their choice of mobile handset. What we’re referring to is the Android mobile operating system (OS), and the mobile phones it … Continue reading

How to Speed up your Smart Phone

01 - Hardware

The frustration of a slow computer has plagued some desktop users for years, but the problem has now found its way into the pockets and handbags of smartphone users too. Smartphones are, after all, miniature computers. Over time, or under … Continue reading

What type of SIM card do I have?


A mobile phone cannot be used without a SIM card. Different handsets use different-sized SIM cards, and so it’s best to know which type you have, particularly if you’re thinking of buying a new handset. Read on as we describe … Continue reading

Our Top 10 Cheap Smartphones


High-end smartphones have always been expensive, typically costing anywhere between £400 and £700. Recently, however, a new generation of high-spec, low-cost handsets have found their way onto the market. Here’s a look at the most feature-packed phones you can buy … Continue reading

China Continuing to Adopt Android – But Without Google?


Android’s growth in China seems to be happening without Google’s blessing. Confused? So were we… Continue reading

Android Trojan Sends 500,000 Texts A Day


The newest Trojan on the block is currently spreading around American mobile phones. Continue reading

Children’s Apps still Record Too Much Info, says FTC


Games for children are transmitting more sensitive data than they let on, according to a report. Continue reading

Android’s New On-Board Anti-Malware Needs More Work


According to research, the new Android Anti-Malware service blocks as little as 15% of malicious software. Continue reading

Apple Struggling in China


It seems that Apple aren’t doing as well as they’d hoped in China – a trend which has befallen a number of non-Chinese phone companies including Google. According to Taiwan’s TRENDForce, Chinese consumers are falling out of love with the … Continue reading

Android Shipment Dwarf iOS’…


…But mobile web traffic still dominated by iOS6. Continue reading