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China Continuing to Adopt Android – But Without Google?

Android’s growth in China seems to be happening without Google’s blessing. Confused? So were we… Continue reading


Android Trojan Sends 500,000 Texts A Day

The newest Trojan on the block is currently spreading around American mobile phones. Continue reading


Children’s Apps still Record Too Much Info, says FTC

Games for children are transmitting more sensitive data than they let on, according to a report. Continue reading


Android’s New On-Board Anti-Malware Needs More Work

According to research, the new Android Anti-Malware service blocks as little as 15% of malicious software. Continue reading


Apple Struggling in China

It seems that Apple aren’t doing as well as they’d hoped in China – a trend which has befallen a number of non-Chinese phone companies including Google. According to Taiwan’s TRENDForce, Chinese consumers are falling out of love with the … Continue reading


Android Shipment Dwarf iOS’…

…But mobile web traffic still dominated by iOS6. Continue reading


Android Tablets Get The Skype They Deserve

Skype has got itself an update, complete with improved audio. Continue reading


Key Lime Pie Rumours Abound

Android’s Key Lime Pie has been rumoured since Jelly Bean first became available, but now Android 5.0 may just around the corner…. Continue reading

Android-key-lime-pie1’s Top Apps of 2012

We want you to help us choose the best moneysaving apps this year. Continue reading


Google’s Mobile Division Acquires Facial Recognition Tech

Google have bought yet another company – read on here. Continue reading

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The Rare Ice Cream Sandwich

Have you got Ice Cream Sandwich yet? If not, you’re in the majority even a year after the OS upgrade was released. Continue reading