Apple to Question Samsung Chief in Court

This is still going on, and it’s just starting to get interesting.

Apple have won the ability to question Samsung’s CEO Gee Sung Choi in a court of law, thanks to judge Lucy Koh – although their time to do so has been limited to two hours.

Apple will also get to question a number of other Samsung Bigwigs, ones whom the court has deemed responsible for strategic decisions in the design department.

These so called “Apex Depositions” don’t happen very often, because in a company VS company court case like this one, grilling the company’s top names is often seen as an opportunity to embarrass your opponents – or possibly even to wind them up – and as such is not often allowed to happen.

The court case actually seems to be going quite well for the Cupertino fruit boffins, as judge Koh recently saw in their way more than Samsung’s when it came to arguments over how the firms define certain techy terms – Apple getting five decisions in their favour whilst Samsung only won two.

It’s worth pointing out that judge Koh did deny Apple’s motion to get a lot of Samsung gear taken off the shelves, but never to be put off easily, Apple are appearing in front of the Federal US Circuit Court to try and get those same pieces of hardware pulled from shelves.

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