Apple and Samsung: The Fight Continues

This is starting to get a bit silly now, frankly.

Remember how Apple sued Samsung, stopping them from releasing their newest tablet in Europe – then continued to hit them with legal action was has caused them no end of other problems?

That’s right, the same Apple that has recently patented all kinds of silly things like unlocking phones?

Well, today their lawyers are now complaining that Samsung are “trying to push Apple out of the mobile market”.

Incredible, isn’t it? So far Apple have had more favourable results in the legal battles that have happened around Europe, so why Apple are getting so upset is a little baffling.

This has come from Paris, the war’s newest battleground, where Samsung are trying to get an injunction placed on the iPhone 4S based on alleged patent infringements, despite the fact that a Dutch judge ruled against them just a few weeks ago.

What was decided then was that as 3G is supposed to be a standard used by all networks, and as such it should be licensed under FRAND (Fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) terms – even though Apple claim to have the rights to use them anyway through their dealings with Qualcomm – the world patent law is a labyrynthine and convoluted place…

More on this case as it develops, and we manage to wrap our heads aaround it.

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