Android Trojan Sends 500,000 Texts A Day

If you happen to live in the United States, you might well have noticed a lot more spam landing in your SMS inbox.

This is down to a brand new Android Trojan known by the disarmingly cute name SpamSoldier, which spreads through spam texts offering free versions of games like Angry Birds and the latest Need for Speed title.

The text encourages users to tap a link that promises to run an installer – which it does, but the user receives a virus instead of an app, (although occasionally it has been reported that users have received a free version of the app as well) which isn’t quite so good a deal if you ask us.

Obviously, once the virus is installed on a new phone, it then sends the same messages out to everyone it can – potentially while the owner of the infected phone plays their new game.

According to the American anti-spam company Cloudmark researcher Andrew Conway: “Once infected, a user’s phone will be used to silently send out thousands of spam SMS messages without permission to lists of victim phone numbers that the malware automatically downloads from a command-and-control server. We’ve seen a peak rate so far of over half a million SMS messages per day.”

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