7 Most Eco-Friendly Mobile Phones

7 Most Eco-Friendly Mobile Phones

As a species, we’ve had an incredible impact on the environment we inhabit. From forests curtailed and cut-down to support agriculture, to scrubland treated and tarmacked to support cityscapes; vast swathes of the planet have been transformed to accommodate our varied needs.
The physical impact we have had upon the earth comes not only from our terra-forming, but also the energies and industries used to support our society. The average Google search needs 1kJ of energy and, in turn, creates 0.2 grams of CO²; with over thirty-four thousand searches being entered every second, it is easy to see why even the smallest of tasks can have a huge effect upon the environment.

Do not use near naked flame.

In an effort to reduce the effect that we have on our planet and attract consumers who are conscious of their environmental foot print, many mobile phone companies are producing phones that limit the impact they have upon the environment.
Below are the seven most eco-friendly mobile phones currently available.

7. Samsung Galaxy Ace

Double trouble.

For the past two decades, Samsung have been leading the consumer product industry in environmentally conscientious manufacturing. Their recycling programme allows consumers to return any product (up to 50lb in weight) to Samsung for free, so that its parts can be re-used in other products.

Everybody loves QWERTY.

It’s not just Samsung’s recycling programme that makes the Galaxy Ace one of the most eco-friendly phones on the market; its long-life battery means that it can run for up to six hundred and forty hours on a single charge. This seriously reduces the need for re-charging: an environmentally and economically costly task.

6. Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray

Can walk on water.

Sony Ericsson has raised the bar when it comes to removing environmentally damaging materials from their phones. They not only adhered to, but exceeded current legislation in the construction of the Xperia Ray, creating a phone that has received the “seal of approval” from several third-party testing laboratories.

Phones on parade.

Sony Ericsson’s progressive, clean-energy policy also means that every effort has been made to reduce the environmental damage that the phone’s construction and transportation could have. The company’s dedication to reducing its environmental impact is why the Xperia Ray is one of the most eco-friendly phones available.

5. Samsung Galaxy W

A sunny day for Samsung.

The Galaxy W is similar to the Galaxy Ace in that its environmentally-friendly credentials are boosted by Samsung’s excellent recycling and manufacturing policies. This means that the environmental impact of its creation and disposal are significantly lower than many leading manufacturers’ phones.

Not a Dalek.

It benefits from an excellent long-life battery that is incredibly efficient, meaning that you have an incredible eighteen hours of talk time. This is a phone that endures regular use without the need for constant re-charging, saving you time, money whilst also saving the environment.

4. Nokia E7-00

Packaging consists of up to 60% recycled materials

Nokia has a recycling policy similar to Samsung’s and is making a considerable effort to increase the amount of recycled materials it uses in the construction of its phones. The Nokia E7-00 is a testament to this; its packaging consists of over 60% recycled materials.

“Green” in more ways than one.

The E7-00 has also been constructed with sustainability in mind; it is free of PVC, antimony trioxide, and brominated and chlorinated compounds, which are all hazardous materials that can harm the environment when recycled.
This is a phone built with recycling in-mind.

3. Nokia C6-01

Friends not included.

The Nokia C6-01 manages to beat the amount of recycled material used in the packaging of the E7-00; its packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. Also, 100% of its components are recyclable, greatly reducing the impact its termination will have upon the environment.

It’s clean... for now.

Another feature which significantly reduces the C6-01’s environmental impact is its incredible battery life. On a single charge, the battery can last for up to an incredible six hundred and fifty-six hours, making it one of the longest-lasting batteries on the market.

2. Nokia 700

Small phone or giant hand?

Nokia are known for leading the market in “green” phones; the Nokia 700 is the company’s most environmentally-friendly phone to date. An increased amount of recyclable materials have been used in its production, reducing the need for raw materials that would have to be mined at great cost to the environment.

The 700’s charger has also been given a “5-star” energy rating, as they only consume minimal power when the battery is fully charged. This reduces the amount of energy wasted, in turn reducing the amount of harmful emissions created in producing unnecessary energy.

This combination of factors makes the Nokia 700 almost the most eco-friendly phone on the market.

1. LG Rumor Reflex

Comes in a variety of interesting colours.

The Rumor Reflex is touted by its manufacturers LG as the most environmentally-friendly phone on the market. Similar to Nokia’s leading “green” phones, it has a “5-star”-energy-rated charger, as well as being free from environmentally sensitive materials, such as PVC, brominated and chlorinated compounds, halogen, beryllium, phthalates and nickel.

Orange buttons are recycled plastic; not tangerine.

It is the Rumor Reflex’s case that pushes its “green” credentials above the rest, as it contains over 31% post-consumer recycled materials: the highest percentage of recycled materials used in a large-scale production phone.
Certified as “Carbon-Free”, this phone is the most eco-friendly mobile phone available.

Green Future – Eco-Friendly Phones [Bonus]

1. Soda Power

This phone is thirsty.

Advances in environmentally-friendly technology mean that the phones of the future will be “greener” than any phones currently on the market. Designer Daizi Zheng created a “soda-powered” mobile phone for Nokia that uses the sugars contained within soft drinks to power it, eliminating the need for environment-damaging batteries.

2. Kinetic Power

Teleport function not included.

The “Kinetic” phone from Atlas is another ingenious device that generates power by using an oscillating weight to power a spring, also eliminating the need for batteries.

3. 100% Recycled

A truly “rubbish” phone.

The “Remade” was a concept phone developed by mobile phone giants, Nokia, and was the first mobile phone made entirely from recycled materials.

The corn-on-the-cob boasts excellent reception.

Purchasing an “eco-friendly” mobile phone will help reduce the negative impact you have upon the planet, but there are many other ways you can lessen your environmental impact, such as:

• Keeping your mobile for longer.
• Purchase “pre-owned” handsets.
• Turning off any features (such as Bluetooth & Wi-Fi) you are not using.
• Reducing screen brightness and phone volume.
• Allowing the phone battery to lose all charge before re-charging.

Following these simple steps will not only help you save your money by reducing your energy usage and, subsequently, cost; but may also help save the planet.

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