Bad credit mobile phone contracts

How to Get Contract Phones with Bad Credit

Getting a smartphone can be a tough decision; with so many manufacturers, models and operating systems to choose from, it can prove a tricky task. Having a poor credit rating can only complicate matters further, as many mobile networks and retailers might be reluctant to offer you a contract, especially if you’re after a top of the range smartphone.

However, even if you have bad credit, or have failed a credit check and want a mobile phone, there are still ways for you to get the handset you want.

If you want a new iPhone 6s contract or something a little bit more affordable, phone contracts for bad credit can be tough to find. That’s why we offer a great selection of smartphone deals which cater for all kinds of credit ratings.

Contract phones for bad credit customers needn’t be restricted to just the older or less expensive phones either, with even the newest devices available to pick up in our bad credit smartphone deals.

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Which Bad Credit Mobile Phones can you get?

If you’re after a cheap mobile contract then your options can be endless, even with a poor credit rating. This is because networks and retailers won’t see you as such a big risk when you take out an inexpensive deal.

However, it can be harder to find the top flagship mobile phone contracts for bad credit customers, especially if you don’t want to pay too much cash up front. This is because more expensive phones rely on customers paying their monthly handset costs, and if you have poor credit you might be seen as a risky customer.

Of course, our selection of bad credit mobiles supply you with a huge selection of phones to choose from, so you can get the phone you want without a hitch.

Contract phones No Credit Check

Bad credit contract phones are rarely guaranteed, but we’ve collected a number of deals that ensure that you’ll get a contract irrespective of your financial history.

Whilst you might not be able to get the latest iPhone with no credit check, our guaranteed phone contracts mean that you won’t ever leave empty handed –we will always be able to match you with a mobile phone or SIM Only contract.

Improve your smartphone contract chances

- Just because you have failed a credit check for a mobile phone, it doesn’t mean that you won’t ever be able to get a contract in the future. Here are some handy tips for improving your credit score:

- Make sure you are on the electoral register. Many credit applications for smartphones fail because customers aren’t on the electoral roll, so by fixing this, it heightens your chances of securing a phone contract.

- Try to pay off any debts on time, to ensure you’re not put on any credit score blacklists

- Opt for a SIM Only contract to prove to retailers and networks that you can pay your full bill on time each month. Find a SIM Only contract here.