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With interest rates at their lowest level since 1951, and further rate cuts likely, we look at the impact this will have on savers and borrowers. And while those with variable rate mortgages will have seen their monthly outgoings fall significantly in recent months, many homeowners are still struggling to meet their repayments so we offer tips and advice on how to avoid falling into arrears...
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Will you be spending more in light of the recent interest rate reductions?
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MPC Decision Dec 2008
"With Bank rate at its lowest level since 1951, the Bank of England is belatedly pulling out all the stops to help the housing market - and the wider economy. But with many economists predicting further rate reductions, is it too little too late, and how will the third rate cut in a row impact on borrowers and savers?..."read more
ICICI Bank HiSave Fixed Rate Account - 5.50%
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"Are you coming to the end of your Christmas shopping and finding you've spent more than you planned? If so, you can do something about it by moving your debt over to one of the leading balance transfer cards. We'll show you the best deals..."read more
Capital One Fixed Rate Card - 8.5% on balance transfers until August 1st, 2012
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"The Financial Services Authority has written to the head of every mortgage lender asking them to review the way they treat borrowers who are behind on payments. While this offers reassurance to those in arrears, it's much better to avoid falling behind in the first place - we have 10 tips to keep you on track... "read more
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"I fixed my mortgage in June! What can I do?"
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" As you fill your home with Christmas goodies, make sure you have suitable home insurance in place to cover the increased value of the contents in your property. Thieves are on the prowl and with the global economic crisis in full swing this year could be more dangerous than ever... "read more
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Debt getting you down? Why not consolidate with a loan?
Provider APR Typical
Platinum Loans
7.8% 11.4% Proceed
Halifax - (semi-exclusive)
8.6% 8.6% Proceed
Bank of Scotland - (semi exclusive)
8.6% 8.6% Proceed
Alliance & Leicester
8.7% 8.7% Proceed
Lloyds TSB Personal Loan
8.9% 8.9% Proceed

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Looking to transfer a balance? Take a look at our 0% Balance Transfer cards
Card BT
Virgin Credit Card
16 months 2.98% 16.6% Proceed
Capital One Low Rate BT Card
01/01/2011 1.7% 15.9% Proceed
Capital One Low Rate Platinum


15.9% Proceed
Capital One Fixed Rate


8.5% Proceed

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Looking to switch current accounts? Take a look at our recommendations
Provider Interest Rate Apply
Alliance & Leicester Premier Direct Current Account
6.5% AER (fixed for 1 year) Interest free overdraft. Proceed
First Direct 1st Account
250 interest-free overdraft Proceed

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Rates valid on 05/12/08. Terms and conditions apply. Please see for further information.
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Rates valid on 05/12/08. Terms and conditions apply. Please see for further information.

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