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19/01/2009 Rate Alert: 0% balance transfer cards, beating debt, winter tips, phone recycling
This week’s edition looks at why you must act quickly to secure a 0% card; tips to tackle Christmas debts; preparing your car and home for winter; and mobile phone recycling… Read Rate Alert
12/01/2009 Rate Alert: Bank rate cut, save on daily spending, insurance and energy saving tips
Clare Francis looks at the Bank rate cut and how to reduce your daily spending; Andy Leadbetter offers tips to cut insurance costs; and Scott Byrom helps you keep warm Granny’s way… Read Rate Alert
05/01/2009 Rate Alert: Financial healthcheck; £100 switching offer; broadband rip-offs; energy bills
The first edition of 2009 helps you organise your finances for the year ahead; looks at a £100 current account offer; broadband’s hidden rip-offs; and how to lower your energy bills… Read Rate Alert
21/12/2008 Rate Alert: Merry Christmas from
The financial experts and staff from offer you their season’s greetings with a unique version of the 12 days of Christmas… Read Rate Alert
14/12/2008 Rate Alert: Savings surge; loan rates rise; phone freebies; Christmas bargains
Top tips for last-minute Christmas shoppers; how to pick up a freebie with a mobile phone contract; why more people plan to save; and a look at loan rates hitting record highs… Read Rate Alert
07/12/2008 Rate Alert: Interest rates fall; home cover; clearing Christmas debts; avoid arrears.
What the latest Bank rate cut means for savers and borrowers; how you can avoid mortgage arrears; advice on clearing spending debts; and why you should cover up at Christmas… Read Rate Alert
30/11/2008 Rate Alert: Current account rates slashed; secure savings; online security; car cover
A look at how some savers now rank security ahead of rate; falling current account rates; how to shop safely online; and why the level of cover is vital with car insurance… Read Rate Alert
23/11/2008 Rate Alert: Mortgage savings; winter holiday tips; credit card traps; energy latest
What to do with the cash you save from falling mortgage rates; how to avoid credit card pitfalls; tips for winter holidays; and why there is a rush to switch energy tariff now… Read Rate Alert
16/11/2008 Rate Alert: Christmas shopping; mortgage rates; Icesave latest; car insurance tips
Clare Francis helps you save at Christmas; Louise Cuming looks at falling mortgage rates; Kevin Mountford helps Icesave customers; and Andy Leadbetter offers car insurance tips… Read Rate Alert
09/11/2008 Rate Alert: Bank rate cut to 3%; 0% credit cards; supermarket bills; mobiles and broadband
Tips for savers and borrowers as Bank rate is slashed to 3%; the future of 0% credit cards examined; how to cut supermarket bills; and how to save on broadband and mobile bills… Read Rate Alert
02/11/2008 Rate Alert: Savings rates, debt tips, mobile phone recycling, keeping your home safe
This week’s edition looks at adjustments to savings rates in the last month, tips to tackle debt, how to earn money from old phones, and how to protect your home from thieves… Read Rate Alert
26/10/2008 Rate Alert: Tackle inflation; mortgage repossessions; energy tips; credit card deals
Twenty ways to fight back against inflation; what to do if you’re struggling to repay your mortgage; the best credit cards for different users; ten tips to cut your energy bills… Read Rate Alert
19/10/2008 Rate Alert: Savers boom; what now for borrowers; digital switch; shopping channel
We look at what the future holds for UK mortgages; a new savings trend; preparing for the digital TV switchover; and the launch of the Moneysupermarket shopping channel… Read Rate Alert
12/10/2008 Rate Alert: Interest rate cut; savings crisis; prepayment meters; broadband problems
Reaction to a week of turmoil including the latest on the savings crisis and what the rate cut means for borrowers; plus a look at prepayment meters and broadband speeds… Read Rate Alert
05/10/2008 Rate Alert: Energy price hike; current account deals; Christmas credit card; downturn tips
British Gas hikes the cheapest energy deal; tips to survive the financial downturn; several banks issue new current accounts; and why you should apply for a credit card now… Read Rate Alert
28/09/2008 Rate Alert: Beat the credit crunch; mortgage rush; where to invest savings; shopping
Clare Francis on how to beat the credit crunch and save on your weekly shopping bills; Kevin Mountford on how to distribute your savings; and Louise Cuming on fixed mortgages… Read Rate Alert
21/09/2008 Rate Alert: Lloyds-HBOS merger; XL collapse; loan guarantors; energy price rises
Reaction to Lehman Brothers and the Lloyds-HBOS merger; lessons to be learned from the failure of XL; more energy price rises; and how parents can help children to get a loan… Read Rate Alert
14/09/2008 Rate Alert: Northern Rock a year on; leading loan rate; fixed mortgages; home insurance
This week we look at how the Northern Rock collapse has impacted the market one year on; a new market-leading loan rate; the viability of fixed mortgages; and home insurance… Read Rate Alert
07/09/2008 Rate Alert: Relief for housing market; savings rates; protection insurance; credit cards
An in-depth look at the Government’s housing market relief efforts; new market-leading savings and credit card deals; and which form of protection insurance is right for you… Read Rate Alert
31/08/2008 Rate Alert: Banking battle, children’s savings, broadband security, borrowing tips
Kevin Mountford looks at the battle for current account custom and savings tools for children; Rob Barnes on internet security; and Tim Moss looks at a new borrowing option… Read Rate Alert

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