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Wife Insurance – Married Men Live 17 Years Longer! Infographic

The saying goes that behind every good man is a good woman. And a recent study by David Roelfs, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Louisville, revealed that married men are better off than single men when it comes to their health.

Roelfs said:
"If you're a couple, a spouse may be after you to eat better and go the doctor."

"Sometimes it's just easier to be healthier and less of a risk taker when you're married."

However, as a side note he did say that these types of benefits can also be provided by family and friends!

So do married men really live longer than bachelors? And if so, why could that be?

Many people invest in life insurance but is it really possible to insure your life further by having "wife insurance"? The following infographic reveals all.


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